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About Us

We are professionals who can impress you.
We always get great feedback from our clients for making creative and high-quality
projects. We provide color grading, video editing, and VFX services.
We know exactly how to boost your sales by creating videos which
emphasize your product in a new light.

What we do?

Post Production Services

We can edit and re-edit already filmed materials. We can model how
everything should look in the final result since Rebel Monkey creators arrange
the whole video project from the very idea to its full implementation.
We can adjust color correction and color grading of a completely
edited video if you see some drawbacks.

The company that specializes on making of glass panels for heating, Teple Sklo,
has already contacted us with their footage.
We have prepared a 3D visualization to bring their video to the next level.

Social Media Content

Even if you don’t have any film that needed editing, but you have Instagram or Facebook
business accounts that require improvements, we are here to help you.
94 % of video marketers argue that video has helped to increase the product
and service comprehensivity for potential clients which obviously means
that high-quality content on your account can directly cause
sales boom for your company.

Promotional videos for Instagram account of BADO clothing store.

We create different social media content for any types of businesses
or services with a keeping depiction of your company style and visions.

Promotional videos for the OZZY FAST FOOD Instagram account.

2D and 3D animation

Some videos are good enough on their own, but there are videos that require something
else except than just editing. If you want to show some particular features of your product,
we will live it up. Our motion designers know exactly how to make your video
stand out among the others.

Full Video Production

Whether you want to tell the story of your brand or show your new product or service,
we are definitely the ones you need. We are not tied to one segment and can create
commercials almost for each product or service: from a fashion magazine to a fast food café.

Check our works to see more what we can offer.


This is Igor

We met Igor when we were looking for a costume designer for our Soviet Cyberpunk project.

He designed costumes and masks for us. Now Igor creates 3D models and develops our secret 3D project, that we will launch soon.

You could also see Igor in a series of commercials for our Instagram. Igor is a professional dancer and his creative skills are very useful when working on projects.

Thanks to such a unique teammate we guarantee the most creative visual effects which doubtless will exceed the expected result.

This is Tanya

Tanya is our Che Film School alumna, and she had completed editing course.

Tanya perfectly edits filmed materials. But during our training, we realized how cool she was in making delicate Instagram masks that attract potential customers to the brand.


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