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Hello guys. Thank for your time today. I’m really glad that you liked the video that
I created for you. I’m looking forward to work with you again. I want to show you
some of my previous works to understand the whole picture of my skills and my
company’s services that we can use in creating content for BEAN2BEAN COFFEE.

Documentary Commercials or Testimonials

Those are testimonial videos that I filmed for workspaces in Philly.
I really love to create this kind of videos. I filmed a few feature documentaries before.
I have a big experience working with stories. And it usually doesn’t take a lot of time to
create one. I can create testimonial videos with your business clients regularly or
we could shoot a video about your company for your website.

Coffee Footage and Slow Motion

This is the footage that I have already. Everything is in slow-motion.

We can use it for videos in future or I can shoot anything like that again in Philly. Everything looks better in slow motion especially coffee making process.

Stop Motion and Dynamic Videos

I created this video for coffee brand named Bacara. All cinematography and editing was made by me. I can film this kind of dynamic visuals as also a stop motion videos.

Its possible to create full stop motion videos or just something small for Instagram post. I’m pretty sure that it’s possible for me come to your office and film a lot of different videos and gifs for your social media in one day a month.

Animation and Visual Effects

Visual effects or some digital elements always make videos look more expensive.
We can add anything to your video as good as we can cut something from it.
It is possible to change buildings, signs and etc on the video.

We also create different kind of animation. From social media ads to explainers.

As conclusion I would like to say that I mostly specialized in creating docu style
commercials, dynamic videos and social media content. Any of these we can use to
promote BEAN2BEAN COFFEE and grow its brand.

And after today’s meeting I really felt that we have same vision on many things
and would really love to create more videos for you because of that.
Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions.

P.S. I showed only a part of my works. You can check out more here.