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The world around us has stopped. But we are the ones who create future and it depends
on us. This thought motivated us to take action every day. We were adapting, we were
learning, we were creating and now we’re ready to share Rebel Mask with you.

It’s not just a mask – it’s your protection, your comfort and your personality.


During hot weather, the Rebel Mask air conditioning system will cool the air around your face, and in winter, it will heat it up. Comfortable temperature at any time under any conditions.

Innovative technological developments implemented in creation of the mask, allowed us to achieve the maximum level of protection and you will not need to worry about a possible danger. Rebel Mask battery charge lasts up to 48 hours in active mode.

Where can you order Rebel Mask?

Unfortunately, nowhere at the moment. Rebel Mask is just a concept. We wanted to
fantasize how a creation of this nature might look like if it was developed by one of
the world’s leading companies. You can contribute to the implementation of this
project by sharing our videos on social networks.

In fact, we are glad that you paid attention to our video. We are a video production
company with great ambitions. And when we say “big ambitions”, we mean really cool
ideas that help creating world-class videos.

You are on this page now, so our goal has been achieved. We know how to make a
promotional video that works! Alternative thinking, new ideas and strategies for engaging
the audience. Want to know more about us or order our services? Everything is simple.
Just email us.

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The biggest obstacle in development of the video was that the masks themselves do not
exist. This was our first experience of placing 3D models on actors’ faces.
The main goal was to make it as realistic as possible. On the other hand, we were
worried that the audience may not realize
all the work behind the visual effects in the video.

The most important component of developing any video for us is preparation.
Prior to filming process, we conducted 3 testing stages of masks
placement using visual effects.

The Rebel Mask project was filmed simultaneously in two cities.
The main part of the video was created in Chernivtsi, and the city
scenes were filmed in Philadelphia.

Project Team:

Rebel Monkey Production

Video Production Team:
Producer – Stanislav Puzdriak
Director – Taras Lashchak
VFX Producer – Ulugbek Muminov
Mask Designer – Igor Vorovyk
Mask Designer – Stanislav Yakymyk
DoP – Taras Lashchak
DoP – Stanislav Puzdriak
Drone Shooting – Artem Shulyak
Editing and Sound – Taras Lashchak
Project Manager – Kate Mandryk
Panorama Photos – Dmytro Savchenko
Assistance – Igor Kironda

Andrew Marunchak
Anastasia Stavskaya
Bunmi-Alade Opeyemi
Seidu Abdella Couly
Anna Kucheinyk
Anastasia Litvin
Marina Geut
Igor Vorovyk
Igor Palahniuk
Evgeniy Frolov
Tanya Khandozhko
Michael Zbigley

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