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Imagine a group of hard working, open-minded, disciplined and ambitious professionals
gathered in small city in the west of Ukraine who are united because of one dream:
to become GREAT.

Rebel Monkey Production is a team of more than 20 professionals, who create movies and
quality content, provide color correction, various types of video editing and visual effects
services. With us, you receive not only a video, but a high-quality video product.
We can accomplish any task and implement your project!

The core idea of Rebel Monkey is constant professional growth, improvement of work
and increase of productivity of our team. Projects at different stages is monitored by
specific people, allowing the increase of productivity and completing the project before
deadlines. To provide a full range of services, we keep up with the time and trends and
constantly evolve in all areas of post-production.

We are rebelling against boredom, we are rebelling against routine and laziness,
we are rebelling against ourselves. We are Rebel Monkey Production.

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