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What is the turnaround time for 1 project?
Generally, our turnaround time is up to 14 business days, but we usually provide the first draft earlier.

What software do you use?
For video editing we use Adobe Premiere Pro as well as Final Cut X.
For motion design and VFX we use Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D.
For color grading we use DaVinci Resolve.

Is it possible for you to work with a few projects at the same time?
Sure! We have a big team and it’s not a problem for us to work with several projects at the same time.

Does you rate include revisions?
Yes, all our rates include 2 rounds of revisions which usually are made at
In case client needs more rounds of revisions, we ask additional fee for each round.

Do you provide project file afterwards?
Sure, we provide project file with all the assets at the end of the project.

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