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Social Media Idea

Quarantine closed us all at home, but in doing so, it showed us that we are
capable of doing more, even with restrictions. At the outset, we realized that nothing can
function as it used to. Therefore, we have taken a number of measures that have added
new vectors to our team development.


A big part of our work has been post-production of weddings, commercials and various events
for studios all over the world. As a result of the pandemic, most of this work has paused for
several months, because all events were postponed to the end of 2020 – beginning of 2021.

Many businesses and services have been affected by the crisis, to which not all were
prepared and tried to maintain their positions even by moving completely online.

We, on the other hand, received a lot of time and space to act, and most importantly,
we realized that we have clients we can help right now.

We have actively started to improve our skills in 2D and 3D animation, launched internal
school to increase the number of highly qualified specialists, and also found people among the team with incredible talent to think through ideas and write scripts.

Promotional video for Instagram advertising of BADO clothing store.
The store has closed but continues to sell online.
We’ve provided it with a video that can attract targeted advertising.


There was a clear pattern that there were businesses that were interested to show that they
have changed and are fully prepared to provide their services and products,
despite the quarantine restrictions, and we are the creators,
who see this as an idea to convey to the final customer.
We teamed up and the outcome was fruitful.

For example, this is animation of the logo for the coffee brand Bacara. They started delivering coffee and needed urgent
advertising. First, we offered them animations for their social media networks. The customer was incredibly satisfied
with the result and ordered a monthly content package from us, as well as a separate video for coffee delivery ad.


It’s a difficult time for each of us, but sooner or later, this tough time will end and we will
emerge from it stronger and more experienced. Despite the fact that we have never seen
each other and you may not know every member of our team, we’ve been working with
you for a long time and appreciate your trust enough to call you a part of Rebel Monkey.
Once you believed in us, now we want to help you.

Our offer is that in your city there are many businesses that are transforming and trying
to continue to work, so you can offer them new services.
On our side, we are ready to help you with this and do the cost work.

After the first well-executed orders, word of mouth worked to our advantage in other cities. Teple Sklo has already
contacted us with their footage. We have prepared a 3D visualization to bring their video to the next level.

Why is this compelling to us? We want to continue to work with you in the future,
and now our goal is to ease your quarantine.
Everything that is good for you, as a result, is good for us as well.


-We have found problematic moments in customer’s content for social media
-We were offered to improve it
-We put every effort into it and were able to exceed expectations
-As a result, they continued to work with us on a full-time basis


Now the business need a fresh presentation of already existing ideas or a whole new take
on what they have. We provide video services and video content using 2D and 3D.

We are ready to take on the development of the video from the idea to the full
implementation of it. We are able to do our work qualitatively,
efficiently and in a short time.

Our goal now is to create a fresh work flow for you.

Your interest in it is that you will open up new business
opportunities and help others.

Check our reel to see more what we can offer.


This is Igor

We met Igor when we were looking for a costume designer for our Soviet Cyberpunk project.

He designed suits and masks for us. Now Igor creates 3D models and develops our secret 3D project, that we will launch soon.

You could also see Igor in a series of commercials for our Instagram. Igor is a professional dancer and his creative skills are very evident in the work on projects.

Trusting us to create visual effects will give you more than just a result – the most creative approach to work thanks to such unusual members of our team.

This is Tanya

Tanya came to our team when she completed our Che Film School editing course.

Tanya perfectly edits wedding videos. But when we started training, we realized that she was able to make cool masks on Instagram that attract potential customers to the brand.

Also, Tanya is now a motion designer and she animates commercials for Instagram stories of businesses in our city.