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Soviet Cyberpunk – is an alternative look on the events, that happened in Soviet Union
after explosion on Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In no way we support such turn of
events, but it would be interesting to think what would happen if USSR did not collapse in 1991.

Government attempts to conceal the real consequences of accident led to the
disappointment of communist-totalitarian regime inside the country and formation
national-democratic movement amount the people.

Possible consequences of national conflict encouraged the most devoted supporters of
utopian ideas to start large-scale research with the goal to create communist-technological
superpower. Devastated by radiation zone around Chernobyl and underground tunnels
under power plant were ideal place for soviet scientists to do their research.

April 18, 1991 – the day of technological revolution and the day when on the map of the
world, new super-power had risen called “UNION”. Power was concentrated in the hands
of four corporations. In order to make governing effective, they divided branches of
government and resources among themselves. By idealizing communist ideas of those
scientists, they have total control over the population.

Their main weapon is the artificial intelligence called FAITH.
Events of the movie start May 20, 2044. 58 years after Chernobyl explosion.

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