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Heather & Chad | Wedding Highlight

Why choose Rebel Monkey to edit your wedding video?

Commonly studios trust to do the editing part to another company as they have a massive
amount of the work and not enough time to do everything by themselves.
It’s a good reason but not the only one. Cooperation with Rebel Monkey Production
includes not just opportunity of implementation of a lot of projects simultaneously.

Text you are reading right now was written by videographer, who filmed the video above,
but he decided to give the editor from Rebel Monkey the whole post production process.

“I gave the footage not because I hadn’t had enough time to edit it by myself but because
I wanted to see a new look at my materials and honestly I was incredibly surprised.
When I was watching the video for the first time I realized that there were a lot of
creative ideas which I wouldn’t probably do If I edited it by myself.
At the beginning I sent just few technical tasks and some examples of the works
I liked but as the result I got something that was beyond my expectations.

It’s not just about my satisfaction of the result, my clients (newlyweds) were extremely happy while
watching their wedding video. I got great feedback and several recommendations from them to their
friends. So, as the result, I got new projects. Such a little investment has paid for itself.
I saved my time, got well-done job to add to my portfolio and happy customers.”

Review from the bride – Heather Votor 

Stanislav Puzdriak just recently did my wedding video in the beginning of February and I couldn’t be happier. Stan was amazing to work with, so responsive and helpful. His talent and visual eye is unmatched. He is bringing a whole new level to wedding videos, tailoring it more to who you are as a couple versus fitting the norm. This is an amazing opportunity for any bride on the fence about videography, he blends in so well that I forgot he was even there ! I’m OBSESSED with my video and I am so thankful I had the pleasure of working with Stan !! I can guarantee you will not regret it.

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